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Renewable Ocean Energy


Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) is a base-load energy system that generates electricity without any pollution for direct use on the power grid or to produce an energy carrier for transport to the user.  Oahu Hawaii will likely be the location for the first commercially viable OTEC plant in the US where the electricity will be directly connected to the power grid.  Future OTEC plants may be located in equatorial waters where an energy carrier is produced for transport to the continental US, possibly as a transportation fuel to replace petroleum.  This approach could replace the Middle East as the source of transportation fuel for the world that would be economically viable, immune from disruption by foreign governments, totally free from Green House Gas emissions, and domestically produced and controlled.  Wars over petroleum sources would be a thing of the past.

OTEC Thermal Cycle Diagram


Power Atoll

Power Atoll is the name of a unique hybrid wind/wave energy system developed by Marine Development Associates, Inc. (MDA).  Waves refract over a large curved surface and focused into a center well where a turbine generates electricity.  Offshore wind drives two wind turbines for additional power.  Power Atoll has numerous features including: robust construction for withstanding the harsh marine environment, few moving parts to reduce maintenance and increase availability, and energy conversions of waves independent of angle of arrival to minimize installation restrictions.  Power Atoll operates best in shallow water (~50m) at high latitudes where waves are strong.  This is a good compliment to OTEC power that only operates in lower latitudes where deep cold water is available along with warm surface water to provide a strong temperature differential.  

Power Atoll - Side View