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Example of Promotional Video


The Promise of OTEC

This brief video describes a sustainable ocean energy system called Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion - OTEC - that has great potential for supplying sustainable energy for the US.  Initially, large OTEC plants moored to the seafloor will provide electricity to Oahu and possibly other Hawaiian Islands and other island locations with an OTEC resource near by.   Eventually, very large OTEC plants will generate power while free floating in equatorial waters to produce an energy carrier such as anhydrous ammonia.  This energy carrier can provide the basis for “Green Fertilizer” that avoids polluting the atmosphere while helping to produce greater amounts of food to meet the ever increasing demand of the growing world population.  When anhydrous ammonia is used as a transportation fuel, millions of tonnes of CO2 will not be exhausted into the atmosphere each year with a tremendously positive effect on global climate change.  OTEC holds the promise of being able to replace the Middle East as the world’s source of transportation fuel.