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Gary Noland

Gary Noland is the president of G. Noland & Associates, Inc and is experienced in all the specialties offered by the company.  The company was started at the beginning of 2007 to protect some innovative ocean energy intellectual property and to facilitate providing sub-contracting support to the Lockheed Martin OTEC Program Office. 


Michael Champ, Ph.D.

Dr. Champ is the Executive Director of the Sustainable Water Challenge for Sigma Xi, the international Scientific Research Society.  This challenge strives to develop sustainable water techno-logies from cost-effective seawater desalination to removal of organic contaminates.  Dr. Champ is also an Adjunct Full Professor at Virginia Tech, National Capital Region, teaching Introduction to Water Resources Mgt.


Bill Garnett

Mr. Garnett developed and ran a $120M electric utility power plant on the Big Island of Hawaii that used naphtha, a waste product from the local refinery, as fuel for the plant.  Prior to the Hawaiian plant, he was the President of J.A. Jones Ventures Inc. with over $100M in energy sales per year.  Mr. Garnett developed the OTEC financial model used in both the OTEC Business Plan and the Commercialization Plan.


Glenn Rambach

Glenn Rambach is a recognized engineering expert in energy research and development with broad experience leading sophisticated research teams in developing advanced energy products, researching energy systems and markets, and developing energy strategies. His emphasis is on hydrogen and fuel cell systems. Glenn also has a very strong entrepreneurial orientation.